Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tid Bits

Some random tid bits for today.....

1. I ate this for dessert today.....SSHH don't tell Bri!

Yes there is another one in my hand..didn't hide it well.

2. I had IBMT from Subway today! I always get it toasted but the toaster was broken...BUMMER!Also....they have spinach now!!! L.O.V.I.N.G. it!!!!

3. I am going to do Zumba for Wii as soon as I finish this post! It was 90 something out today so I chose not to bike at 4pm!
I beat this thing EVERY time!!!

4. Before I can go to bed "Grease Lightning" aka Ziva has to run around like a nut on my bed!
She earned the nickname Grease Lightning because I can put her down turn around and she is gone! Kubbi earned the name Thunder Beast because one I can hear her running across the house after Ziva and two the is huge compared to Ziva!

What are random things about you? I love crazy animal stories!!

Anything new things with places you eat at? I really really want to try fro-yo!


Julia said...

haha! love your dessert. and IBMT = my absolute fave sandwich EVERRRR. so yummy.

my pup (when I have not taken her out for a some energy expenditure) will just start doing sprints up and down the hallway...its seriously crazy. haha!

have a wonderful night :)

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Totally going to Subway now. And then eating marshmallows for dessert.

Good luck with marathon training the rest of the week =)