Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Runs and Active Bands

A quick run down of my runs. Now I ran my 12miles on Saturday instead of Sunday so I took Sunday and Monday completely off and just enjoyed the FOOD!!

This morning I just could not wake up. I woke up just in time to get dressed and head to work for the book mobile. I sat outside the school for an hour and got BURNED! Didn't even really notice until SIL Manda told me this evening. I had been very sluggish this afternoon and very thirsty (hmmm hint hint your burned right??).

But after I got Bri on his way to work I headed into town to do some quick errands then jumped on the bike path for a 3mile run. I decided to make it be more of a tempo pace run and push it a bit. I did right around 8min miles the entire way. I finished in 24mins! I felt great and now I am enjoying a tall glass of chocolate milk!!

I have Whey Protein but not sure what to do with it yet. Suggestions?

Also I received my new Active Bands last week just in time for my long run. I wore the black one and it worked out great. As you can see the wispy hairs stayed back nicely! Though they went out wider than my hips!

I love this pink paisley one! It matches so much that I wear and also my purse!!

Do you wear active bands? YOU SHOULD! I usually wear hats but for early early morning runs I will grab these instead!

How do you use whey protein?

What was your workout today? Do you do mile repeats for marathon training??


Chels said...

I tend to use whey in almost everything. Protein shakes mixed with almond milk and fruit, whey mixed in my oatmeal, yogurt, and even with peanut butter!!
My workout today was a 4 miler and p90x arms and shoulders workout.

Nikki said...

I wear hats running too!! Haven't tried the active bands yet. I use whey for protein shakes.

My favorites: soy milk, peanut butter, banana and chocolate whey powder.

I also love any kind of fruit with milk and the vanilla powder.

That's about all I use it for though!

Great job on your run!!