Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After 3 days of growling and hissing. Then a week plus of chasing and making Ziva cry from getting beat up we have finally reached this....

Playing in the boxes together..and yes Kub is way too big to fit in there now!

this happened today..Ziva just learned to go down the stairs to Kub's food and instead of getting mad at Ziva Kub joined her! (thing is I had just filled Ziva's dish upstairs with yummy soft food but she snubbed her nose at it and took off to Kub's dish!)

They were so cute trying to both squeeze in there. Kub finally started scooping food out with her paw because her head was too big!

Yea I know...they are cats but they are my fur babies! Since we got Ziva two weeks ago I have felt like I have been babysitting all day long. I can't leave them alone together because Kub does want to play but ends up being too hard sometimes. Ziva also just figured out how to get on the bed yesterday so I was woken up by a tiny paw at 6:30am. Usually it is a 20pound kub on my head but I have locked her out at night since I can't watch them when I sleep! Hopefully this will get better in a few months as Ziva gets bigger (more than a pound) and can stand up for herself.

On that note, Ziva got her first shot yesterday. As soon as I walked into the Vet office she started having a tiny kitten panic attack. She was pushing her face and paws against the door of the carrier so hard I was worried she was going to hurt herself. I swear she knew exactly where we were. I had taken her there 2 weeks ago when we first got her and they gave her a dewormer since we got her from a farm. I think it traumatized her. Not good since we have at least 3 more visits. Shots, fixed and declawed still to come. Hoping for the best!

QOTD: Do you treat your cats/dogs like a child? Do they know they are heading to the vet?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

So cute! Yes, I absolutely treat my cats like children, and spoiled children at that!
They don't like getting into their carrier crates for anything--it's always been to fly or to go to the vet.