Saturday, July 23, 2011

Short post

I have been busy these past few days and it all has flown by! I drove home to Rochester for a 24hour trip. I ran along the Erie canal path for 12miles to practice the marathon course. I now know that 6miles of the path is stone path. I will be practicing a little more of that over the next 57 days!

I then turned right around and headed bak to PA for a picnic with Great Aunt Evie. I love that lady. I will have to get the pics from Bri but she got herself on a swing at the age of 85 ( I think). So funny!

Now I am off to join Manda and the girls while they try on their bridesmaid dress for Manda and Misters wedding!

Then I get the rest of the day to relax while Bri is out and about with his dad first then Ben.

Still NEED to see HARRY POTTER!! Hopefully we can go tonight!

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Keri said...

I just rented part 1 of HP so I can go see the finally!
Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

so awesome that you got to run some of your marathon course! what great practice! enjoy the rest of your weekend :)