Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Run Naked

Morning run, yea right! The alarm went off at 6am (after I had already gotten up to feed the hungry kitten) and I turned it off and tried to fall back to sleep. The last few nights I must have been clamping my jaw as a I sleep. I have woken up with terrible headaches and a soreness below my ears. Ugh....I ended up sleeping until 10am!

I was really hoping that is did get as cool as it was predicted to last night because I still wanted to get a run in this AM. So I rolled right out of bed put shoes on and walked out the door. I chose to run naked garmin, no music, and I also didn't put a headband or hat on but that was because I forgot.

As I got going I realized how tired and heavy my legs were. So I planned to run 15mins then turn around. It was lots of hills again so it was a rough start. I believe I hit the 1.55 mark by 15mins. I turned around and wanted to go back faster than I came out. Goal achieved...I made it back in 13:30. So I am pretty sure I got atleast 3.1 in today but as I said I ran NAKED! But my legs felt much better by the time I finished.

Now I am waiting patiently to take a shower because Brian is still sleeping.

QOTD: Ever run naked? time without worrying about your pace or the music in your ears?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Nice job!
I never run with music, but I rarely head out without my Garmin anymore!