Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

I have seen this on several blogs these past few days and Hey Hey just linked me to do it too!
Favorite Cartoon CharacterMy mom always said I was just like Tigger. I have several stuffed Tiggers at my folks house still.
Favorite thing to photograph
Gotta love pics of the nieces and nephews!
Favorite thing to cookYummy summer meal of steak wraps. I love Ranch dressing by the way!!
My Favorite ExerciseMy new found love is DISTANCE running. Always been a runner but now I love the challenge of marathon training.
Favorite MovieI am into the crime scene movies. I have several others I like but I watched this movie every time I was home sick from school!
Favorite article of clothing
I would wear these babies everyday all day if I could!
Favorite flower
My grandmother grew yellow roses and I always loved them. I even gotten a yellow rose tattoo in memory of my grandmother.
Favorite Breakfast
I love these so much. Just talking about them I want to go get some!
Favorite book I have recently read

This one is interesting but I bought it and downloaded it on my phone so I have a book to read at all times.
Favorite Place to be
Love to hit up the trails and run cross country style!
There you go all.....a few new things about me! Now it is these following lovely ladies a turn. If you already did it you are just that awesome to get picked twice!

MCM Mama

Tricia @ Endurance Isn't Only Physical

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem


Emz said...

love this. hadn't seen it!

Silence of the lambs -- loved that movie!! oh and that croissant looks pretty amazing too. ;)

Heather said...

Nice Job SB!!! Great pics!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Congrats on the award!!! I've never seen Silence of the Lambs! Weird, right?

Katie said...

I'm in the middle of watching Silence of the Lambs right now, I love it, but, eeeks!

Cynthia said...

I LOVE Tigger! Used to have tons of Tigger stuffed animals and love to sing the tigger song :)