Monday, July 11, 2011

Call it stupidity!

Well after my race on Saturday I noticed my body wasn't right. I was drinking throughout the day, Gatorade Recovery and water, but I never got hungry. I just kept going without thinking yea I should eat anyways. Around 8:30 Saturday night I finally ate half a cheese steak sandwich...but too late all ready hit migraine mode! I took some drugs and headed to bed.

Sunday I never got hungry either. I had an apple and that took me all the way till dinner when I had a hamburger. Yea I was good with that until I hit the pavement this morning. Lets just mile 4 my stomach was cussing at me! (I also ate NOTHING before I headed out to do 13miles STUPID!). By mile 6 I was calling Bri to see if he was still at work. Two tries later I reach him and he is and would be for a bit longer.

I slowly made my way to his car...I had to walk and actually sit in the lawn of a church for a few minutes.

Total miles in 9...goal 13. This is the second time where I tried a long run and died. My goal for this week is to pay close attention to when and what I am eating. I will be putting snack time into my daily not busy schedule. I started off with a green/red monster smoothie this morning after I got home. It was PERFECT! Though I am sure the strawberry spinach ratio was a little off!

Now it is time for more water and lunch!

QOTD: Have you ever tried a run without proper fueling? Do you get too hot or exhausted that you can't eat?

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Nikki said...

I always try to eat even if I don't feel like it when I'm headed out for a long run. I've been on a few shorter runs where i have been really hungry from not eating enough before. No bueno!! I love strawberry spinach smoothies! Yum!