Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long run race recap

Yup thats right it is all in one....I ran 10miles to the race start line. Then gave myself a good 45min break and ran the 5k race! I did not plan on any PR's just was trying to total 13miles today.

The long run went by uneventfully. It was 6:30 am nice and quiet and cool outside. Only saw 3 deer and a few bunnies. Maybe a handful of cars until I got closer to town. I was happy when I saw I finished the 10miles in an hour and 28minutes....right on marathon pace!

I then sipped water and a little crystal light prior to the start of the race. (regret this later)

I planned on staying back and not pushing it during the race. Hey Hey came with a clear cut plan....beat 22:30!! WOW is what I said! I haven't gotten in 22's all summer! But I was excited to see her do it!!

So off we went and not even .25 in I turned to Manda and told her...hmm my legs feel heavy today LOL! Gee maybe it was that 10miles!

About a mile in at 8:30 Dud went flying by with Ella in the stroller....hmm I thought....I could stay with him I think. So I took off after him.

Mile 2....passed Dud....quick check down and could see Hey Hey flying in the front pack!! AWESOME!! So..I saw Robyn up ahead still so I thought...hmm maybe I could catch Robyn.

Well that one did not happen. She had some girl around her and she was pushing it hard to beat them. I remember seeing her round the last corner and pass a girl and I mentally said Yea Robyn!

Meanwhile...I was stuck behind this REALLY stinky guy....ever expereinced that? A guy who just reeks when he sweats? So with half a mile to go I pushed like no other....I round the last corner and took off!

And the award goes to.....ME....for puking up that crystal light in the bushes after i crossed the finish line! Told you I would regret it!

But somehow...even after running majority of my long run prior to the race....I got 2nd in my age group!

The family did awesome as well. Hey Hey got 22:10~ She smashed her goal and felt great doing it!

Robyn got 1st in our age group and Manda got third!

Ella even ran her first race today at 20months old and got third in her age group!!

ME, Manda, Hey Hey, and Robyn!
All sporting our Active Bands today!

Long Run for the week....check! Greasy Pizza for lunch.....check! Errands.....check! Nap....check!

HARRY POTTER!! not yet!!!

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job doing double duty with the long run and a race. I wore my Active band today too. Love it!