Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Interview

Last week I asked what people do to fuel for a long run. I got a few good responses and thought about it as I prepared. It wasn't my first 15miler that's for sure but I have bonked a few long runs before. Now I ran this run with my BF's family and I noticed that Manda was having a great run. As i was running I came up with the idea to interview her and find out exactly how she prepared!

What did you eat Thursday night for dinner?
Rotissary Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwhich with Wheat Thin Toasted Chips (handful) some gatorade and couple sips of a soda

How much sleep did you get Thursday night?
maybe 7 hours

What did you meals look like on Friday? How much water/gatorade did you try to drink?
Breakfast: Smoothie (almond milk, bananas, pineapple, peach, mixed berries, whey protein and flax seed) & coffee. Mid Morning snack: home rice krispe square & 2/3 of propel, Lunch hot dogs, sweet potato chips, small brownie glass of water, glass of gatorade (after run), OIP's Chicken parm and spaghetti with two glasses of water and some bread, small salad. And glass of gatorade when I am came home

How much sleep did you get Friday night?
About 7 hours

What did you eat prior to the run?
Granola Thin and some water

Did you eat/drink anything during the run?
couple swedish fish and one gel blast

Did you feel energized after taking the gel blasts?
the gel blast did really kick in for me to after I had stopped running ( i guess I waited too long to take it)

How many miles did you complete?
I completed 9 miles and then did another .5 to bring in my dad and SB at the "finish" (but the last .5 was just a jog)

Did you ever feel like you hit a wall?
Yes, I did hit a bit of a wall around 8.5

Ipod or no ipod when do you run better? I think I typically run better without an ipod if I am mentally prepared for the run, however I am not mentally prepared for the run the ipod helps keep me focused and not thinking of the negative thoughts.

Thanks a ton Manda!! I love running with Manda and the rest of the gang that call themselves Runs In the Family! I have known them for 7years and even though I am not officially a SIL I still get the title! Love you all!! Look forward to lots more runs where you can help me with my form when it falls apart after 6miles, tell me I need to slow my butt down, and laugh at me when I am a spaz! But you also teach me something every time we run!

QOTD: Do you run with others? Do they help you out with pace, form, hydration/fueling techniques, not being the only one to need a potty stop?


fancy nancy said...

SInce moving I generally run alone but once in a while I get to run with my fav running buddy! She helps the time go by so much faster for me!!! She also distracts me when I do hit that wall!!! It stinks when I don't have her! She also helps to pace me since I am notorious for going out way too fast!!

jillconyers said...

Fun interview. There are times when I NEED to run by myself but for the most part I prefer to run with others. My pace is better. I can chat if I want to. I have great running friends and we have these no pressure unspoken running rules so it works out perfectly.