Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer what?

I soaked in the rest day like it was the last day of summer.....oh wait that's right I am back to work tomorrow!

Where did my summer go??

Ahh yes.....the new little one in the family. I lost lots of sleep with this one!! But she now can stand up for herself against thunderbeast so she is on her own tomorrow!!

Lots of time with the other little ones......Yea Beans I am talking to you!

These three are too cute! But got lots of time with all of them too!

Finally...lots of my time went to RUNNING. I did several virtual 5ks and enjoyed using them as training runs. I have also reached my taper in my marathon training. Now it is time to get a few more quality runs in as I settle into the new school year. The next month hopefully goes better than most first months of school as a reading teacher. Hopefully I am with kids by next Monday and with little or no issues with classroom teachers.

QOTD: Where did your summer go?

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