Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Tid Bits

1. I am halfway done with my purchases! I got the wedding shower and wedding gifts, Dad's Bday, and Baby shower gift done yesterday! Only Hey Hey's bday and Henry's bday gifts to go!!

2. I found Carb Boom Energy Gels on Running Warehouse for the best price out there and they are already being shipped!!! Might be here tomorrow!!! (Thanks Julia!)

3. My leg is hurting today. I have had my compression sock on since I rolled out of bed and said "OOOOUCH"! It is in my calf....almost the feeling you get when lactic acid builds up and it is exhausted. Thing is I haven't run since Tuesday. Plan on doing a 3mile run after tutoring this afternoon. Doing an easy route with little hills to see if it helps shake it out.

P.S. Go check out this Virtual 5k...."Not Over the Hill" I love this idea!!!

1 comment:

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I love Carb Boom. Watermelon and Grape Pomegranate are my faves.

Hope the leg gets feeling better and that your 3 miles went well!