Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yearly Camping trip

prepare for a photo overload here! Even with all the rain we had and not allowed to swim we still had some good times.

I arrived at the campsite around 6:30 Sunday evening. I had spent my afternoon helping host a wedding shower for a beautiful amazing woman!! I headed to the site right after that. I had a 2 hour drive and didn't know what weather I would hit on the way there. I had called my folks and they said they were there and it was pouring. GREAT!

I did get two runs in while camping and only timed it didn't go for distance. I have a half marathon this weekend so I took it real easy after my 18miler last week.

Ok on to the trip in pics

This is water that you had to drive over to get into the campsite. It was pretty cool!

Henry only ate the middle of his smore! I found the graham cracker in the cup holder of the chair the next morning!

My Tuesday run I hit the trails going along the Gorges of Ithaca. I had this lovely view going up the gorge! (yes it was a long up hill I look dead!)

The hill I had a blast flying back down!Henry and Evie joined me on my run once I got back to the site. They did around a mile with me!Wednesday we found some more falls!

When it was raining we hit up the local science museum!

I was sitting on a swing at the other end of this that was lifting Evie up!

Since it was still raining at dinner time we opted out of cooking in the rain and found a Gluten Free Waffle place so my dad could eat out too. I had the Almond Joy....yummy! Almond butter, choc. syrup and coconut!

Well that is it! Now it is getting myself ready for my half this weekend and cleaning all my stuff from camping. Almost time to go back to work too! I had my first beginning of the year meeting this AM. WOW!! Time flies!

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stochat said...

Even with the rain it looks like great fun!!! I love to camp!