Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long run CHECK!

5:45am start....4.25miles to meet up with Hey hey and Dud. Then they joined me for 6.4miles. Then I headed out to get 18miles total. GOT IT DONE!!

Now if only my stomach could have behaved I would have felt better on this run. I stopped 3 total times. My splits show the mile or two leading up to the potty stops were SLOW! But I couldn't pull over on a bike path so I had to keep going till the port-a-potty.

Speaking of the port-a-potty stop......ok a SMALL park that rarely has people at it. I had 3 people try to come in on me!! The door doesn't latch shut either!!!! So the last time a guy drove up on a construction tractor and parked right outside the door. I jumped up and put my skirt on and bolted....well yea my skirt was so tucked into my shorts when I ran out! Eh oh well.

So now the rest of the day I am doing little things around the house, last day of tutoring, and getting the last few things for my camping trip. (weather forecast....RAIN. UGH) Main goal....keep my legs moving to prevent soreness!

QOTD: Port-a-potty dilemmas? Ever had someone try to bust down the door on you?

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fancy nancy said...

Oh my word I would DIE!!! Kudos to you for getting it done!!!