Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Facts and Fitness Friday

I have some fitness facts that I have yet to share with you all so thought it would be the perfect time!

1. I ran XC in high school only because the soccer coach told me I can run but not play soccer. I started XC then and never looked back. Though I cried when I had to tell my dad I didn't make the soccer took a year for him to accept that running was as exciting to watch as well!

2. I learned so much from my XC coach in High school I still am in contact with him 11years later.

3. My doctor told me that the stress from running and the schedule I was on in high school contributed to me having seizures. My parents would not let me join the team my senior year. I gained 30pounds and went into depression. I went away to college met some girls on the track team and decided it was my choice now. I got a hold of the coach and walked on to the team. I told my parents after I was already on the team.

4. I had 3 different coaches during my time on the team in college. I got injured while running for each coach. The first injury I tore my quad and was on crutches for weeks. Next I got Plantar fasciitis. Lastly I had major IT band issues.

5. Here is the continue to exercise during the injuries I learned to race walk. Yup...the funny walking! I competed nationally and was ranked and everything. I raced in NYC, Philly, Niagara Falls, and Florida. Once I find some pics I will post them....they are quite hilarious!

QOTD: What are some of your fitness facts that you haven't shared yet??


Carrie said...

Race Walking! Awesome... I want to see pictures.

I don't have any random facts... other than I used to hate running and am about to run a half-marathon :-)

Dina @ DinaRuns said...

Would like to see the race walking pictures! In the Orlando races I do, there are always a lot of them racing and I always get a kick out of it.

Julia said...

seriously!?! that race walking sounds amazing!!! i would love to see the pics! i hated being active when i was little. like i cried when my parents made me sign up for the local rec league. it was terrible. now i freak out if i do not do something active. haha!

Sarah said...

As I'm a back of the pack runner, I've seen some pretty speedy race walkers!
I didn't become an athlete until much later in life. In high school we had the dreaded mile test. I totally cheated (myself) and only did three laps around the track. The class was so big that the teacher didn't know. Shame on me!(Found you via the blog hop!)

jillconyers said...

Nationally ranked in racewalking. That is so cool! I didn't realize stress from running could cause seizures?

You're a determined runner :)

Thanks for linking up.