Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unplanned rest day

Workout......not what I planned. Rest.

Last night Bri stayed home sick from work. I did the best I could to make sure he was comfy. Made him Mrs. Grass soup, got him gatorade, and let him have the couch. He didn't start feeling better until this afternoon. Unfortunately I started feeling icky. This morning I waited until he got up and ate breakfast until I got around to run errands. I took my seizure meds about 30mins after breakfast (will come back to this). He seemed ok to leave so I did the recycling and donated our old TV.

When I got back I started feeling weird. My whole face was tingling and my tongue tasted like metal. I told Bri and kept trying to do my cleaning. After about an hour I had to lay down. I have had this happen before. I have learned with my meds that if I eat wrong or not enough or take my meds too late after eating this happens. The thing is though it takes me out for awhile. I don't know what to do to get me back in the game.

I had to call the other teachers to let them know I couldn't make it to our Library night tonight too because I didn't want to drive like this. I am sitting on the couch and not at work. I have tried to eat about a million different things to see if it helps. I had salad, crackers, cheese, gatorade, soda, lots of water but still the same. So waiting this out...hopefully sleep tonight will help out. Then I can get up in the AM and get my run in. This is my last week of training then I have my taper.

QOTD: Ever had a tingly face or tongue tasting like metal?

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Katie said...

youch. i hope you figure this out and feel better soon!