Tuesday, August 30, 2011

View on giveaways

Morning all....first day of school with kids today! I will just be walking around saying hi and checking in on some kids. I don't actually start working with any until next week. So just getting more paperwork done to get ready for beginning of the year reading assessments.

Ok on to something that bothers me. I LOVE entering givweaways. I have actually won 2 so far. That being said that last 4-5 giveaways I have viewed I can not enter because I do not have facebook. I will be honest I used to have it and it didn't go well so I am no longer on it. I completely understand the Liking the product and how that helps them out. But when it is mandandory I can not enter the gievaway. I really like the looks of lots of the giveaways so please know when I don't enter yours it is for other reasons.

I also completely understand I am probably the 2% of the blog world that does not have facebook. I jsut felt the need to share because I am bummed I can't enter so many of the great giveaways out there.

QOTD: Do you remember how you felt the first day of school as a kid? Were you a kid who ran in and was fine the first day of kinder or did you need your parent to walk you all the way in?


Julia said...

i am glad you posted about the FB thing. I have definitely never thought about the fact that people actually cannot enter some of the giveaways as a result. i will definitely keep this in mind if i do another giveaway.

the night before the first day of school...when i was younger of course...i literally could never sleep. i was just wayyyy toooo excited. haha!

Elle said...

I agree about the FB thing... I don't like FB and only have an account set up so that I can enter the giveaways I really want to win!