Saturday, August 27, 2011

20miles Skinny Runner style

Workout.....I kept saying it can be "ugly nasty and slow" just get it D.O.N.E thanks to hearing Skinny Runner say this I got it done.

20miles in 3hours and 14mins!!! (I ran 20miles back in Dec in 3hr25mins!!)

I wish I knew how to get my elevation map on here because it is crazy. I guess I live at 1,200 feet and I ended at 500 feet in town!

But a look at my splits and I hit a slow button around mile 17. I also had run out of water and was trying to get off the bikepath and to a drinking fountain. I WAS THIRSTY! So I slowed down.

But I ran 20miles in Dec. and I clearly remember struggling through that and had a stretch with no water (I ate an icicle off a cliff). I ran today and my legs never gave up on me, my mind never gave in and I set a time goal and beat it! I.WILL.TAKE.IT.

So now that my run is done before Irene hits I can relax and let it rain..whenever it starts.

Oh and watch Little League World Series. I literally only missed maybe 1 or 2 games on TV that is. With 30,000plus people at a game that equals a headache of traffic. But I am so proud of our PA team they were amazing! CA is a really good team and made it an even better game and they held on to only 2 runs.

Have you compared runs before that are months apart? Dailymile or LOGYOURRUN?

LLWS: CA or Billings, MO


ashley (redonk runner) said...

great job! I like that mantra... if you are running 20 miles, #1 goal has to be to finish! :) :)

i am just starting my second marathon training, and i will definitely be comparing my long runs to the ones from the last marathon.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

nice job on the long run, that mantra cracks me up and I may have to borrow it too on my next long one!

Julia said...

amazing amazing job!!!! and just as the others have said...i may need to steal that mantra ;)

Jamie said...

Congrats! That's awesome... we are about the same pace. woop!