Saturday, August 20, 2011

Racewalking in pics and times

Ok are the proof that yes I took up racewalking while injured in college. My college coach competed in the olympic trials for years and taught a few on the track team how to officially racewalk. OK yes there are rules and judges throughout that will hold up little flags for several different things. Rule one....can not have both feet off the ground at once (running) also called loss of contact. Rule two...the advancing leg has to be straight all the way from contact until it is under you. Shown in the pic below. This is also whats causing the beautiful hip popping look!

These pictures are from the NYS Empire State games in 2003. I had to qualify first at a race done in Rochester to represent my county. I won for my county and then placed 6th at the actual games. My time for the 5k racewalk done along the water leading to the Niagara Falls was 31:20 (10:06pace).

I also found results from a 10k I did in Ohio where I clearly remember collapsing at the finish line because it was a lot of times around the track! 10k in 61:55 (10min pace)

I also competed at the 2003 Penn Relays where I had an awesome time for a 5k of 28:32 (9:12pace) but placed 6 out of 6 LOL!

Finally I found my time from a 3000m race in Ohio that was 16:48 (so around 9 something pace LOL)

Ok so ....did I willingly tell people I did this sport..NO. Did I end up doing well...yes but I think there aren't too many to compete against. Have I done it since I left college...once i tried to see if I could beat the walking record at a race. I just missed getting it but I also hadn't racewalked in about 3years. Let me tell you it hurts!

That my friends was my hidden athletic secret!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I had no idea! And seriously---that is really fast. I had no idea racewalking actually was so speedy, haha!

Adam said...

Just so you know, your race walking pace is faster then my running pace...