Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long run this weekend 10.2miles 1:30 5pm Humid 75 degrees.

I did my long run Saturday evening due to a huge long thunder storm in the AM. It was so scary that I ended up having two fur babies curled up on my lap. Kubbi (black and two year old) actually was under the blanket for most of the time. Ziva still isn't too fazed by it but still wanted to cuddle.
So Friday night Bri wanted to go to this tracor pull because he heard they had some good food. He really likes Cactus Tators and I LOVE funnel cakes. So we made the 10min drive over at 9pm to see what we could find. We hadn't had dinner yet so we were eating healthy LOL NOT! So this is a little kid pulling a a good old Tim the Tool Man lawn more! It was interesting and so Country chick like!

Also this weekend Ziva learned how to walk the beams. Then fall off the beams twice. Yes sounds scary but she is ok....Kubbi learned the same way...lots of tries and lots of falls.
So with my long run done I can relax today and catch up on Teen mom and grocery shopping.

QOTD: Do you do and country chick things? Share I love new ideas!!

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