Friday, August 12, 2011

Little League Baseball

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Let the games begin! So far today I have watched one little league game to see who will be traveling HERE next week! Yes that is right....who needs to watch the famous Little League World series when you live 6miles away!

I love this time of the year because a simple trip to Walmart equals learning new things about people. You get to see/meet players from all the teams from all over the world.

The game I am watching right now is actually a local team that is from 20mins from Williamsport, PA. So it is very exciting to see a local team trying to make it!

Little League is obviously a huge deal here but I personally think it gets ridiculous. Teachers I work with are at games for their children until 10pm on school nights!! These are 7yr olds sometimes. I can see with middle school high school kids MAYBE but not elementary kiddos. Now if and when I have children I will let them choose what sport they want to be in, I also enjoy watching baseball (kids play). But I still think it is A LOT for a kids sport.

Also..tid bit of info...I have only gone and watched one game ever at the Little League World Series in the six years I have lived here! I hate the traffic to get to the games so I watch mainly from home LOL!

QOTD: Do you watch Little League World Series? What do you think of little kids sports and how serious it gets at times?

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fancy nancy said...

Oh my word I totally watch the whole series!!! I have so many great memories of watching it with my I watch with my daughter! I remember thinking one day I would get there with our team! Not so much! My hubby got to go once to watch....I've always been jealous!