Friday, June 24, 2011

Just another Friday

Workout 3.2 28:40 65degrees with Dud at 6:40am!!

Finally another morning workout. All the girls are gone for the weekend so I asked Dud if he was able to run in the Am. We are doing a 5k together tomorrow so it was SUPPOSED to be easy to shake out the legs. mouth got running and my legs went with it. It was a good run though.

Bri and I spent the day going through the top part of the property cleaning up all the JUNK that the previous owner just threw all over the place!

Things we cans (LOTS!), a cord for a water fountain, invisible fencing for their dog, random pieces of metal, nails, broken glass (took awhile to clean up).

We also tore apart the old pool shed. Lets just say.....i had jeans on but only a I got attacked by a nasty nail while working on the taking apart the roof. It still burns...hoping my tetanus is up to date.

We got lots accomplished...including a nasty call to the tv people. I received a call this morning from a third party asking if I recently wasn't able to get my dish hooked up....some how this party got my number and info and direct tv says that they did not give it out. Well.....someone did and I was mad! So...the manual labor and tedious work of picking up junk helped me calm down.

Now dinner.....NO CLUE~

QOTD: Does manual labor help you release stress like running does??

Ever gotten a bad cut/injury by a nail?


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

If I'm not running, I like to clean or organize my closet to release stress!

Chels said...

Bleck, I hate manual labor...running I prefer to de-stress me. Once when I was helping clean out a garage, I slipped and fell and my toe somehow managed to snag a fish hook, I had to go to the hospital and get it removed!!

Anonymous said...

DirecTV is the worst! We had so many problems with them that we finally broke our contract and went back to Time Warner. I wish manual labor gave me the same buzz, but it takes focused exercise for me.