Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thank You

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again to all that helped out this holiday weekend on our upstairs guestroom.

First and foremost....Dud who took 2 days off to help out. He was a trooper helping and putting up with my biggest stress-a-beth break down ever!

A HUGE thank you to Mister and Manda! Manda took off Friday and dove into helping out with installation! She and I tackled staining on Saturday as well! They then came back Monday night and worked hard cutting pieces so we could get the puzzle piece wall done! YOU TWO ARE AMAZING!

Momma was also a great help with doing dinner on Sunday for me and keeping track of the booger!!! Some how Robyn didn't get in a picture but she helped with staining and Sunday night dinner too! Thanks ladies!

Joe Fro helped Bri with the scary wall. Half asleep he got himself there and jumped right in to get more wall boards up before the picnic! Thanks Thanks! (No easy comment today on ya Joe!)

Our #1 Trooper was Kubbi. She dealt with strangers and hiding in the hottest room in the house for most of the time. She now is clinging to my side when no one is around. Hopefully she isn't too traumatized because it isn't over yet!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out. It was a big project and Bri and I will def. be there when you need our help!!

Love ya!

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Julia said...

So glad that you had all that help!