Thursday, June 9, 2011

Girls on the Run

Earlier this spring our school counselor sought me out to help with the Girls on the Run program. My background of coaching high school track/cross country and starting the middle school program at my previous job will hopefully help me. I got trained last night and met the other coaches this afternoon. We are given a curriculum to follow the covers physical, social and emotional issues that 3-5th grade girls might face. After being on a team myself for 3years in high school and 3 years in college I actually faced or seen some of these issues. I have seen girls struggle with boys, eating disorders, balancing life, and family issues. I have not experienced this with girls of this age level yet. I am excited now that I know some of the girls from my building that are involved. I know some of their problems that they have in school and I am excited to use running/exercise to help build them up as individuals!

I also learned that GOTR has a charity called SoleMates. I haven't read enough on it yet but I believe it is similar to the virtual race. I will get back to you all on that as I read more on it!

Plan for tomorrow: early 2mileish run then lots of sanding and staining the trim and baseboards!

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Trisha said...

GOTR is such a wonderful program!! I volunteered for the GOTR 5k a month or so ago here in St. Louis and I just joined the board to help with the programming/fundraising aspects.

That's so great that you're getting involved too!