Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dash and Splash 5k Recap

Saturday morning the girls took a break from construction to run a local 5k. This was the first year for the run so there are a few pros and cons to share.

The race was located at the pool, which couldn't open last year because of funds. They had a fund raiser last year at the Dairy Queen but couldn't raise enough. Throughout the year the money was raised to open this summer. This race was to help give the pool a little extra money. Since I work in this school district I knew I had to go and help support them!

It was in the high 70s by the time we were going to get started so it was OK. The sun was out but there were a few clouds in the sky.

When we were at the starting line we realized running right towards us was the kids race! It was a cute idea instead of holding it afterwards. The kids crossed the start line as their finish line. I knew most of the kids and was happy I got to cheer them in. They quickly headed over to the pool to play!

My plan for this race was to take it easy. My shins still weren't 100%. I had received my Zensha compression sleeves in the mail the day before so I was trying them out. I wanted to stick with Robyn this race too. We got started and my legs were feeling pretty good! The sun quickly went behind the clouds too!! I kept looking over my shoulder or listening for Robyn. There were a lot of turn arounds so I could see where Robyn and Manda were at! I gave thumbs up that my legs were doing good!

Now...the turn could tell that not everyone working the turn arounds understands running a race. we came to an intersection and were to turn left. so they said stay to your left so all the runners went on the inside. Not a good idea the leaders were coming back down the road and turning into us. Finally I said why are we criss crossing. They changed it so the people coming up the hill stayed right and went around cones!!! YEA! But I almost collided with a guy when I went through. So there is one thing that could be fixed for next year.

A pro though is that not one car drove around or towards me. There were at least 6 police officers and they had all the roads blocked off. It was very nice to see that!

After we hit the roads for 1.5mile we headed back to the park to run around the outside and then to the finish. As I was going through the park kids from my school we at the corners directing you. How awesome! Yet I had my hat and sunglasses on so no one knew it was me!! LOL.

There was a girl a bit a head of me that I really wanted to get but I kept telling myself don't push you legs too much.

I crossed the line with a 24:25 which I was ok with. I was really hoping for 23mins. But then I looked at my Garmin and it showed 3.19miles!!! It was too long! So I just might have been able to get it. My overall pace was 7:37 for that distance which is the fastest pace I have had since January. Oh if it was only the right distance!! I ended up being 3rd in my age group....those darn running clubs were there and they all finish around 21mins!

I had a nice police officer take our picture on our way to the car.

Me, Robyn, and Manda

Would I do this race again? Yes it is for a good cause and the kids deserve to have a place to go and play and cool off.

Next race is Friday night. Run 4 Kids!

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What a great race! That's such a fast time---and congrats on getting third in your age group!!!