Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All over the place post

Workout bust! I crawled into the upper part of the garage last night to get my bike down so I could start my cross training. I planned on a 12mile ride this morning hoping to beat the thunderstorms. I sat the bike out so we could put air in the tires this AM when Bri got home. Well.....the tires are rotted...:( I took it to the country and ski shop this morning to see about getting new tires.

I HATE STANDING AROUND AND NO ONE IS WILLING TO HELP!! After listening to 3 guys gossip about racing....yea I was even bored by the story....15mins I stood there before I resorted to dirty looks and walking right up to them before they asked..."Is there something I can help you with?" DUH!!! Like I know what I was doing in front of a bunch of tires! Yea not in a happy mood. I was the only person in the store too!!!

Then I told the guy what bike I have and he said "Yea that means nothing to me" ARE YOU KIDDING! Who hired this guy at a sports store. He could of at least faked it. Any who I took him to my car and had him unload it LOL. So....he told me he is the boat guy and the bike guy wouldn't be in today. Gee thanks for sharing. He thinks he found tires in the store that will work and that it would be A WEEK till I get my bike back UGH!!! I will be calling in the morning when the bike guy is there to make sure the tires will work. So I will be heading over to Zumba this afternoon for cross training and hoping I have my bike back before next Tuesday.

The rest of the day I got laundry done and just chilled out. I ate very well today too. I had greek yogurt for breakfast with a handful of walnuts. For lunch I had baby spinach, left over venison chops, cherry tomatoes and a little too much ranch dressing.

I decided to watch a little tv this afternoon and turned on 8 Simple rules. Why is it every time I watch that show it is the episodes when John Ritter had passed away. I watched 3 episodes and cried like crazy. I just could not think of being in that position. Shakes you to the core watching or hearing of people that died too young and left families behind.

Always in our hearts Marc Campana 9-5-05


Amanda said...

Just remember there is a bike sitting at the townhouse that you could use while you get your bike fixed...it might also need tires pumped but that's easy.

Jen said...

That is really frustrating! I hope the bike guy gets in and is able to fix it faster!