Saturday, June 4, 2011

Virtual 5k/Run 4 Kids recap

Friday was a big day all around! It was the school day of the year, it was the last day for my superidentent, and it was the day I planned on running the virtual 5k for Alicia Runs.

Dud, Hey Hey, Manda and I got down there for preregistration real early because this race always has a good turn out and gets crazy to register. After that we actually left and went back to the town house. The con of this race every year is that they do not follow a schdule. For a race that is a Friday night it defiently should stick to time frames.

We came back around 6:15 and the race was supposed to start at 6:30. It did not as always. The had the kids run at 6:30 (it was scheduled for 6pm). It is always fun to watch though! Some of those 9yr olds can run!! Some of them even ran the 5k afterwards.

We finally got started and I was excited. I have not been consistent with this course because the weather is always really hot and there isn't much shade. I saw a guy I usuaully can hang with so I put myself a little behiind him so I didn't start out too fast. Well I still hit 7:14 for the first mile...oops. I pulled back a tiny bit because there were 3 girls ahead of me I needed to catch at some point.

Around mile 2 I surged up and caught one of the girls. Who ever said girls with longer legs could out run one with short legs was wrong! She tried to stride out and stay with me but I just shuffled past! LOL Two more girls to go! They were friends running together coaching each other on. I caught up but we were in a coned out lane with traffic coming at us so I couldn't jump out around them. So I waited a bit then made my move. The girls did not like it one bit. They surged and wanted to play cat and mouse. With a mile still to go I let them go back ahead for a little (probably like 30secs bc it made me mad). Then I put on a nice surge and got a good cap ahead of them. From there on I picked my speed back up but I only caught one more guy. I had hit the cap where the runners were all spread out. The closest girl was 20secs ahead of me.

I got to the home stretch and was pushing it, I heard foot steps and got freaked it was one of those girls coming back so I sprinted my short legged sprint! I held them off! But when I turned around to see who it was it was a 10yr old boy!!!! OOOOPPS I would have let him pass me so he would have felt good about it!

I am very happy with this race. I ran for two very good causes at once! Time for pics and times!Yes that says 23:22 a 7:32 pace!!!! I am getting faster on these darn flat courses!!!

I also placed 3rd in my age group. That girl 20secs ahead of me was in my group too. But overall great race!

Hey Hey and Dud were right behind me too!!! Manda belly hurt but she still finished with a good time!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great job on the 5k--that was a speedy race!!!

Julia said...

AWESOME JOB!!! you are so speedy! and i love this recap...I felt like I was right there with you!!! so glad you held those other girls off too :)

Alicia said...

Wow! You are fast, girl! I managed 23:23 last summer but only because it was a downhill course. I'm amazed that you can run that fast on a flat course. Awesome!

Thanks so much for participating in my Virtual 5k. (You even printed out the bib. Yay!) I've got your result. Keep an eye out for an update soon. I'll raffle off the prizes next weekend!