Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rest day

Yup thats right today was a complete rest day. No hurtin bum from biking and no running for me. The day started late as Bri and I both slept in (him longer than me). I got a call from Direct TV saying that they could come to the house today instead of Saturday to fix our broken Satellite Dish. I was so happy with 2 days earlier of a visit.


They couldn't fix it. The guy said that he couldn't put it back on the tree because he would lose his job it isn't allowed. We didn't want it on the tree anyways....but....then we have no place to put it.

There is a big tree (forget which kind it was but I could point it out to you!) that blocks most of the view so we would need at least a 15foot pole of some sort.

So the guy left and said his manager will have to come back out to see what can be done. So...I have to wait for a call from him.

Did I mention I paid $50 for the guy to come out and say he couldn't do anything?? Yea not cool. So I will be making sure I get that money back and the money for the week I have not had TV again!


Tomorrow is an easy run day since Dud and I are running a race Saturday. I will be meeting up with Dud at 7am to get a run in.Hopefully it isn't humid out that early. It was rough last night running with Heather and Dud. It was disgusting and I forgot water again! I did the unthinkable and got water from a Wendy's bathroom! But they are brand new as of last week so it wasn't years worth of yuck in there! Plus I am still breathing today so it hasn't killed me yet. Hopefully we get our new tv tomorrow or Saturday and the dish fixed as well. I am ready to get back to normal around here!

QOTD: Have you ever gone without TV? By choice or because it was broken?

PS everyone go check out Janae's awesome giveaway! I really want those capris!!!

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Julie said...

I don't have tv and it's because I can watch most of the shows I want to on hulu and so I have hulu plus and just pay for internet. Sometimes I really wish I had tv, othertimes I'm grateful I don't. I figure I pay for my iPhone and not tv. So...that's how I made the decision to go without.