Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post 100 and race recap

Wow 100 post already~ I can't wait until it has been a year! I am loving what blogging has done for me! I do not facebook, or twitter or other crazy stuff! I get on here and just share the craziness for whoever wants to read! Thanks for joining me!

Now the race.........Dud and I met up around 8:15 since we were pre registered there was no reason to be early. It was about 66 degrees so PERFECT weather! I didn't see too many of the usuals today but a lot of new faces. So who knows what the race will be like.

I started upfront and Dud started a little back from me. I quickly got in my groove and kept telling myself to relax and do my pace not the girls in front of me. My Garmin was off from their mile markers. So my Garmin had 7:15 first mile (yikes!) but there mile marker had 7:35 (where I would want to be).

The next mile had gradual down and then we turned back around. The wind was in our face no matter which way we went either. But I was trying not to think about it. I talked and cheered and high fived a few people when we turned around. I knew a few people running that hadn't raced before or hadn't raced in a while. My Superintendent ran, a girl from Girls on the Run ran, and one of the boys I coached High school XC and track a few years ago ran. The guys really didn't want me to be near them. (they kicked butt under 20mins!). But I did beat the ones brother!

I really really wanted to be under 23mins today knowing it was all flat! We were to run the outside of the baseball field and then finish at third base. When I entered the field I had a minute to run the outside of the field. I had very little gas left in me. I crossed the line with my Garmin saying 23:15 but they recorded 23:09....of course I will take their time! I might have hit the button late! I was so close again! I have only hit 22mins once in the years. Overall 7th women and 2nd in my age group....sorry no pictures. I have been slacking there lately.

But I need to start putting more focus on my distance runs now with the marathon coming up soon!!! I hope to get a nice 8mile run in tomorrow while Bri sleeps. Hoping to have pics of this run.

Did you race today? Anyone that ran Seattle how did it go?


Alicia said...

Wow! Great job! The only way I can ever hit that pace is running downhill so I am super impressed that you can do it on a flat course!

Tricia said...

great job!

Julia said...

awesome run!!! you are definitely speedy! and congrats on 2nd place!! oh and I just saw Alicia's comment...totally agree with that...I could maybe hit that downhill as well! haha!!! have a wonderful day!