Monday, June 6, 2011

First Morning run

Workout hills 8am 67 degrees 3.26 32mins I took it slow to enjoy the view, take pics and not push my shins too much

I was so happy to finally be able to take my time and get around this morning. I woke up when Bri got home from work. I lounged around with him while he ate breakfast and watched a little E! news. Then he went off to bed and I went out for my morning run!! I decided to stick around here so that meant HILLS! I took my camera with me to capture what I mean!

The view of the downhill side to bad I turned left to go up again.

The beautiful PA hills

My two peaceful friends out for a morning walk too. Yea it isn't the best iPhone picture but there are deer in that front yard.

Now for the best thing ever invented! I purchased Zensah compression socks a week ago and have now worn them for 2 races and a few runs. Last week when I did hills my shins were heavy and a bit sore. Today I didn't feel them at all!!! Awesome :)

Got to love the pink. No one really knows what they are when you are doing 5ks. But once I get to the longer bigger races I won't look crazy!!!


Julia said...

your pics from your run are gorgeous!!! and I am loving the pink zensahs!! the pink are my absolute fave! have an awesome night :)

Trisha said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

The pics are beautiful.

I'm SO HAPPY that the compression sleeves are working to help your shins too! Yipee!

Emz said...

awesome place to run. love it!

Loving the sleeves [leg] too. pink...nice!! :)

Jen said...

Nice pics! I take all my photos with my iPhone as well. I'm amazed what a good job it does!
And good to know that you like the sleeves. I just ordered some and hope they will be good!