Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loving mornings now

Last night was a rough night. I drank a glass of generic crystal light that has energy boosting vitamins in it around 7pm. Then I had a glass of chocolate milk around 9pm. Then at 10:30 PM I was WIDE AWAKE!! I was so tired after zumba I was sure I would sleep well last night. Nope....I saw 12:54am and 2am. I was texting Bri while he was at work bc I was awake. I eventually feel asleep while reading around 2:30am. I heard the alarm at 6:30am but don't remember turning it off. Bri got home and I guess the pillow I was using was on his side. So he took it and pushed it out of the way. (Lesson 1 of the summer....don't be cranky to Bri on Wednesdays!!!) He works nights Sunday-Wednesday AM. He is very very tired by Wednesday mornings. During the school year I don't see him until evenings after he sleeps. Well when he took my pillow I was very upset...lets just say that pillow met my face real quick! OOPS lesson learned! So I took that as time to get up and run :)

I drove over to the awesome riverwalk and got in 4.1 miles in 34:26 (8:24pace). I really needed to do this asap because it is forecasted to hit 97 degrees today. I was around 75 degress when I ran. On the way out I was running into some wind and when I turned around I was running into the sun and was dripping of sweat everywhere. I made the big mistake of forgetting a drink. It is a good thing the cops don't sit on the back roads because I sped home to get a drink and banana!

The view at mile 2 on the riverwalk

I think I actually figured out how to smile and take a self portrait on the iphone!

I have to have such big sunglasses because I get headaches real easy with no sun!

Is it ridiculously hot where you are today? What are you doing for a workout to avoid the heat?


Julia said...

What a gorgeous run!!!

I am getting ready to head out for a run with my sister and it is finally hot out today. oops. Probably going to regret it and wish I had gotten myself out of bed this am. Oh least I have company! haha!

Have a good night :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

SO HOT in Toronto! Can't even breathe outside. I took my workout indoors to the gym to keep cool, but it was still pretty humid in there!

Never forget your water, especially in that heat!