Saturday, June 11, 2011

photo show of today's events

The morning started with sanding and staining the last of the molding and trim for the doorways
Then putting on some of the trim for the sliding glass door

It is a bad pic but the final product of the sliding glass door
Then this tired bug showed up and quickly zonked out for an hour and half on my couch!
Then she woke up! Wearing only a sweatshirt with her arms zipped inside. Thanks Aunt Manda!
Let's try adding to the outfit with Mommy's flip flops! So stylish!!
Auntie Sb (ME) added the headband! Such a flowerchild LOL!
Now we know what happens when LeLe mails SB a letter with Princess stickers on it! She covered her face!

What did you do today? Race/run?

I planned a run and it didn't happen....just want to get the remodel stuff done. That is priority on days Bri doesn't work.

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