Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biking troubles

Let me start off with this......I bike but I am not a biker/cyclist. I know I tell all those people that don't call themselves runners that they are if they get out there and try. But no way am I a biker!! I have to count on two hands the times I grunted or spoke out loud to get my big behind up the hill!

I started my 14mile ride off with the nice mile uphill by my house. I was still trying to get back into the whole biking groove. I haven't rode in 2 years and the gears are different now that it is all fixed up. I pushed way up knowing it was a nice 3miles downhill afterwards. Let's just say that was some serious downhill too! I think I was actually doing he speed limit!

I got to the bottom to the Known Crazy Corner. There are 5 corners with one without a stop sign. I slowed as much as possible but I did not have a stop sign and I was continuing on straight. I saw an SUV with a trailer on my right at the stop sign. He looked behind him out the rear window to look for cars coming from the way I was coming. But I knew he didn't see me because I was ahead of that view. I started coming to a complete stop .......YES he pulled out and I came to a stop right next to his car and he STILL did not see me until I screamed some very bad words at him!

I think I will turn next time before that corner. My stomach was in my throat when that happened.

Anywoodles....I made it to work in 20mins! Only because there was so much downhill! I stayed at work for the day. Got some things together for tutoring then had the session at 3. I headed back home around 4pm.

It was so humid out I was sweating just getting on the bike! I went home a different way I came hoping to avoid so much up hill. Did not happen! The route I run all the time was very bad swear word to bike!! it took 40 mins to get back home! I will not give up I just want to get better at getting up those darn hills. I am not an expert at when to shift or what gear to be in that is easier. My knees are sore today because I had to stand up on the bike a few times to push it up the last bit of some of the hills.

QOTD: Do you bike often? How do you attack the hills?

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katie said...

low gear and fast leg turnover is how i attack hills, but they never stop being hard for some reason. sigh.