Friday, June 17, 2011

Pre race preparations

Workout: a few laps around the track during the Girls on the Run race! (They all did awesome and we got all the girls to get 9laps done in less than an hour!)

I finally got my bike back and I learned a lesson. When you have a bike that you bought in 1992....your best bet is to invest in a new one! They fixed everything on the bike without telling me about the final bill was $132!! I will not have one excuse not to ride my bike this summer AND fall to earn back that money! Bri happily took me to Walmart to compare what I just paid to get mine fixed and what a new one cost. OK OK he was right all along...should of got a new one. But now mine looks nice and pretty LOL!

Tomorrow is the next race on the schedule. A 3.5mile is hills at the beginning and then you are on one road for a VERY long time and can see EVERYONE in front of you BUT it is down down down. Just have to play it smart. It is down but there is still a lot to run!

Bri headed out for a guys weekend this afternoon so I started my pre race night off with a little of this....

I wanted to get Gnomeo and Juliet but settled for Tangled. It was a good one with lots of singing! I am now semi-watching Battlefield L.A while blog stalking....we will see if I like it. I also got Chinese from the local grocery store Wegmans. I love their Chinese! We will see if my belly loves it on race day! Honestly I did not feel like cooking for one tonight.

I might be talking about a lack of money here soon. I purchased a BIG TV last night! It is being shipped to our house by the end of next week.....yes too big to guy and bring home! We have dealt with a tv with only the color blue for 2 years so I am so excited!!!

QOTD: Are you running a race this weekend? What is your pre race night routine??


Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Yay for a new TV! That is always so exciting!

I have a little 5K race today. Last night I went for dinner and didn't really eat anything out of the ordinary.. Just had a soup and salad and then went to get some fro-yo (my new obsession) and topped it with oreos and gummy bears! When I came home I put my running clothes before going to sleep on so I would be good to go and have nothing to do in the morning! Now I have so much extra time so I am blog stalking!

Good luck at your race!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am running my first 10k today! SO excited and NERVOUS! I always make sure I have my Garmin and Ipod charged up the night before and lay out my bib number with the cloths I am going to wear. Other than that nothing special. I ate a lot of pizza last night so hopefully it goes over well for the race!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Oh yeah good luck on your race!!