Monday, June 27, 2011

TV's and Giveaways

Rest day.....I actually feel really good after my run yesterday. Tomorrow is Bike day again....hopefully I can power up those hills with less cuss words.

Well interesting thing happened today.........I bought a new awesome LCD LED CD thats alot of capital letters! Well we had it delivered for wouldn't fit into my car. Two....Just easier especially when it is free. Well that's what we thought...

OK OK so here are some numbers first.....our driveway..... (.21mile long, with a few turns, and it goes up...a "I just finished a 8mile run i am not running UP my driveway too!") So I had Bri's phone on me waiting to get a call about the TV on its way. I got two calls that sounded like the driver didn't have service. So I got thinking hmmm I wonder if they can't find our place. I started to walk down our driveway when I saw...the guy pushing our tv up the driveway! ARE. YOU. SERIOUS!

He told me he tried to back up our driveway and his back tire went off into a ditch. (At that point I took a better look at the TV box...yup it was torn). So I told him to put the the TV back on and drive up the driveway FORWARD! He was not pushing the tv up a hill I rarely willingly walk up.

I hated doing it but I woke Bri up (he works tonight) this guy was a little too coo-coo for me to trust getting the TV in the house.

Well long story short here........Bri and the guy got it in the house finally. We took it out of the box check it over, gave the guy a gatorade for his troubles and sent him on his way.

Bri and I spent a bit getting it all hooked up and it is AWESOME. (Bri wouldn't sleep until he knew it was fine)

Now if only DirectTV would show up...or should I say call so they would show up we could watch normal TV. But so far NCIS season 4 looks great and so did Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief.

Now to what you all should be doing tonight is....go check out the giveaways out there!

First is Active Bands. Who wants a $50 gift card from them!! I haven't tried them out yet but I just put in an order to give them a try. They also gave out a 30% off code.

Next is Gourmet Runner has a giveaway of BumbleBars. YUM!

Last is Hungry Runners workout clothes giveaway!! Awesome looking capris!


Anonymous said...

Yay for new electronics! Your delivery guy sounds a little crazy. I hope the DirecTV guy is a bit more normal (ours was insane and almost killed my dog). I'm gonna go check out those giveaways!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks for the giveaway shout-out! Yay for New tvs!!