Monday, June 13, 2011


My morning started with getting myself to day 1 of Girls on the Run. I know about 5 of the girls from my school and was excited to meet the other 15 girls.

We started off with a few intro games and a pre-test about how the girls feel about themselves. I sat with one of the girls I know to help her read through it. It is a difficult test I think. Asking 4th graders if they have a positive attitude towards themselves. Then showing them pictures of different body shapes and to circle the one they think they have and then the one they want to have.

I was very shocked at how some of these girls answered the questions. I am hoping this week with them that they feel different at the end of all this!

We went outside to the track and it was my turn to help them out. (there are 3 other coaches but none of them can run) I jogged the first lap and quickly found some girls that wanted to run as much as they could. I talked to them about feeling good while running and how to get through the side stitches. Walking, breathing through your nose, arms over your head, and being able to talk while you jog. We got into the jog the straight ways and walking the turns. With that method they did 2.5miles in the 30mins. I was so proud of the 5 girls that stayed with me!! They even ran the entire last lap!!!

My goal for tomorrow is to get with 2-3 other of the girls and share the same with them. I want to see if the 5 I ran with today and get each other through it without me. I only have 4 more days with them to teach as much as possible!! We also have a 3k race on Friday!!! The girls I was with today already feel VERY confident that they will get through the 1.5 miles because they did 2.5 today!!

So excited!!!!

Tomorrow is also my first tutoring session I have with one of my students. I am trying to get the lesson altogether tonight. The mom will be with us while I teach. Now that is a little nerve racking. I am ok looking stupid in front of a 7 year old but the parent will think I am nuts! But I am doing what is summer school is offered so I am offering my time for free for this little guy. I can get through my nerves to help him.

QOTD: Have you ever offered to do something for free for the greater good??

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Julia said...

The Girls on the Run program seems so amazing! I keep reading about it on blogs...what a rewarding experience! Reading your story of the girls that stuck with you just made me smile :)