Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 1 Marathon Training!

Workout 8.3miles 66 degrees 1:13:34 Lots of hills

This is the one 2mile stretch that I went down in mile 2-3 and then went back in 6-7
The goal for today's run...being the day after a very tiring race and all...was to get it in and try to stay marathon pace. I chose my pace the other day to start at 9:20 and hopefully work down to 9:00min to aim for a PR and get as close to 4:00hours. I ran Disney in 4:15 and had fun with it. This one there aren't a million Disney characters to stop at so it will be me and the pavement!

I also got my winnings in the mail yesterday from the Train 4 Autism. I wont the Nathan Trail H2o pack. It took about 4miles to get it to the right tightness but I got it all figured out. I only filled each bottle halfway knowing I was only doing 8miles. But it was already 9am so I knew I would need something wet today.

My new love is the Crystal light energy boost pouches. I mixed one of those in a bottle and put a little in one of the bottles in the belt. I took sips right before I had to power it back up the hills. I felt great using this! It is right up there with my love for Diet Pepsi!!

Also at about mile one I started feeling a nice big old blister but I was not going to cut the run short. (please excuse the goose bumps...I am always really cold when I finish running).

All in all it was a great start to my Sunday and marathon training. My pace for the 8miles was 8:52. As I get into the double digit runs I will really try to hone in on the 9min pace! Also...the marathon is ALL flat and I held this for HILLS!!! :)

Ok off to eat lunch and watch Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 for the 10th time!

QOTD: do you get blisters often? Have you tried out any new products on a run recently?


Anonymous said...

Woo, congrats on a great first run (well, except the nasty blister)! Good luck with your training!

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Awesome run! Try Second Skin for blisters! My BF has some from basketball and I steal it all the time. It's just like a strip of silicone that you can cut to whatever size and you tape it wherever you need to with some sports tape. It works wonders!

Tricia said...

I rarely,if ever, get blisters. I am the body glide queen :)

Em said...

awesome run girl! I can relate to the blisters, I think my feet look exactly the same. Hey, its the price ya gotta pay! haha