Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long weekend

Is it wrong to sigh because the weekend is over?? Well my summer is going to be like this I think. Wed-Saturday I will be on Bri time where we are going to be working hard around the house getting projects done. I learned this week just how much that takes out of me. We were not in bed before 11pm once in the past 4 days. I tried several times to get up early and run but ended up turning the alarm right off and falling back asleep. I am going to have to figure out a good balance between helping here and making time for my runs.

By this morning rolled around I was so exhausted and in a very grumpy mood. I didn't want to do a single thing that involved thinking. I was blog stalking, reading my book and just making a good butt print on the couch! But I was just so GRUMPY! I have to use two hands to count how many times Bri said "cheer up buttercup" to me.

So I made him dinner and put my helping in the fridge. I headed out FINALLY for my long run. (I only had a granola bar the whole day....note to self not good fuel for 8miles)

So hit the bike path for a 4mile out and back run. Around mile 2 I came up on another girl running. I was sticking to my pace and went to go around her. SHE TOOK OFF! I was like really? She never let me go around. Every time I tired she would sprint. This went on for 3miles!! She finally turned around and I continued on for another .75 before I turned around so i could just do my own thing and not have someone in my way. It is fine when you know the person you are running with and no one cares who is where but when someone absolutely refuses to let you pass....REEEAAALLLYYY?? I had music on but I swear she was swearing every time I tried to go around.

I kept checking my garmin to make sure she wasn't messing up my pace and the only reason I tried to pass was when she backed off.

But My mood is better now that I was able to focus some time on me and my runs. Now it is time to get geared up for girls on the run!!!!

QOTD: Have you ever come upon someone else on a run? Any bad experiences with people while running?


Emz said...

Girls on the run!!?!! Awesome. I keep emailing them!! I want to do that so bad!!!


Anonymous said...

That girl sounds crazy! There was a woman in my running group who would always stop and walk directly in front of me, forcing me to weave around her (which is exhausting). As soon as I passed her, she'd speed up past me until she was directly in front of me and then stop to walk again. I kind of wanted to run right in to her after a few times of it. Ugh. People are crazy!