Sunday, June 5, 2011

Have you ever......

This post has been building up all week with the crazy things that have happened.

1. Have you ever....needed a package so bad and fast that you called UPS and asked where their truck was? I did...then I drove to where the truck was going next to get my package off the truck!! Yes I ordered water bottles for everyone who did the fitness challenge a month ago. They finally were on the truck on Friday the last day of school and last chance to hand them out. School was out at noon and at 11:30am I tracked down the truck! They were all handed out in time :)

2. Have you ever.....loaded up your cart in Lowes with lumber/molding, pushed it all the way to the check out, stood in check out, then you guy says.....I don't think I really like this??!! Then you have to get back out of line go all the way back to the back of the store and unload it??

Oh yes Bri was having one of those indecisive days Saturday. I was not going to let him buy it just because it was the only option there!

3. Have you ever......seen a cat get their head stuck in a door??

LOL as funny as it was she did not get hurt don't worry. We just put the screen door on in the living room so Kubbi is not used to it.. I hadn't latched it and she pushed it but it was too heavy to get all the way out. poor kubbi!

4. Have you ever.....walked into a door/screen door? LOL I haven't but Bri did!! LOL they didn't have the screen when we first put the door up. So all week we have just had it open and walking in and out. Friday Bri put the screen on when it finally came in. He forgot all about it Saturday morning and walked right into it!!! I heard it from downstairs but didn't get to see it!

QOTD Have you ever done any of these things? What is something crazy that has happened or have you done?


Julia said...

what a fun post! I love that you tracked down the UPS truck...that is awesome. My dog is always thinking she can fit in small places...usually because she can! but sometimes she gets stuck and I just have to laugh at her...I am terrible! haha! have a wonderful night :)

Faithful Leigh said...

We received a package this weekend of awesome kiddie books! Was this from you!??!! It's a mystery!