Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo blog of father's day

For Father's Day I drove home the 2hour drive after the race. We had a great picnic dinner..which I have no pics of. Yea dropped the ball there. niece and nephew we're playing in the sprinkler a lot so most of the time they had no clothes on. So I couldn't post many pics here.

Sunday I spent sometime with my mom in the morning at a festival. They had a church service in the park where 3 different churches came together. So all denominations were welcome. I LOVED it! It was my kind of service!

After the festival I headed to the mall to meet up with my sister. I helped her shop for some new clothes! We found some great tops that were great colors for her! We had a great afternoon!! I then visited Apple because my iPhone will no longer connect to WiFi. It was a bust. I will have to upgrade to a newer phone.

That evening my mom, dad and I went to the lake to relax, have snacks and people watch. It was really nice. Yet the intense conversation about the reason to buy ereaders was interesting. Lets just say tools and hunting supplies would come first in my dad's eyes.

Here are a few pics from our time at the lake.

I learned that my butt isn't too big to fit between two car seats in the back of my parents car.

I just couldn't get to the seat belt......but I am sure my hips couldn't get through that spot without my whole body turning left or right.

Beautiful Canandaguia Lake with a lot of boaters

I swear my folks smile sometimes...

The family of ducks that came to visit!

More pics of my weekend to come!

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