Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Year Ago

Like several others of you last year I was running the WDW Full Marathon. I still can’t believe it has been a year since I ran my first marathon. Since then I ran my second marathon~

Let’s recap! ( I didn’t have a blog yet to recap!)

In September Amanda, Heather, Robyn, Bob and I decided that we wanted to go to Disney and run. Heather, Robyn and Bob all ran the full a few years ago. Manda and I hadn’t. It was our time!!

 disney 037

We trained all fall long and into the winter. I did some crazy snow storm runs too. I will never forget when I went back to NY for my niece’s birthday and I had a 16miler planned. I mapped it all out. All I needed to do was run from my parents house to my sisters house. I would clean up there and head to the party. The party started around 10ish so I left my parents house around 5:30 I think. It was pitch dark and snowing like crazy. There was about 3inches already on the ground and no plows out yet. I was all ready to walk out the door when my mom came downstairs dressed and ready to leave. I knew exactly where this was heading. She followed me the whole way. Driving ahead of me then stopping until I caught up, letting me get a little ahead then driving ahead again. I left my water in her car so I didn’t carry it but I carried my energy drink. At that time I was using crystal light energy packets in water. I did not use GU or anything at the time just blocks and chomps.

I also wore about 4 blinking lights that day even when it was lighter out. I had on the back of my hat, front of my hat was the headlamp. then one on each arm. I did not pay much attention to my distance or my time. I did not have Yak Treks or anything to help with the slipping in the snow.

At mile 13 I could start seeing the mall area that is right before my sisters house. I ran down a hill and passed Burger King. I was hit with the mixture of smells that could either draw you in or push you away. I turned the corner and BAM BIG HUGE HILL!! I made it half way up the mile long hill and stopped. I waited for my mom to come back around and pick me up. I was done I had reached my limit of snow, sliding and wet everything. I  made it 14miles in stead of 16miles that day in 2hours.


So I went a bit off track there….Disney!

Heather and Robyn ran the 1/2 Marathon….we did not get to see them on the course at all. Let’s just say the hotel did not think they needed as many busses as what they did! We were just happy the girls made it to the start line on time. We sat in the bleachers at the finish, received text messages as they made their way through the race. We had set up our phones to let us know when they passed over the chip mats. They stuck together through the whole race!

Race day! We were up so early!! The hotel did change the busses this time and had plenty of busses. We got to the waiting area with tons of time to FREEZE! Being still new to the whole long races and have to wait around I did not wear anything beyond what I was racing in. For the three of us we had one thermal blankets they give you at the finish line. We huddled until it was time to start.

I stuck with Manda and Bob until we got to the castle (we really wanted a pic with all three of us there!)

 disney 004

Then I went off on my own. I stopped at almost every character to get my pic taken (word to the wise Bring your own camera or you wont get all the pics) Not all characters have a photographer. I think I walked at the bridge at mile 23ish. I used the character stops as my breaks. I smiled the whole way and love being surrounded by people!

disney 008disney 020disney 023disney 031disney 017

I crossed that finish line crying!!! I have video to prove it but it would make anyone sea sick! I finished in 4:15 and was so happy! I went to the food tent and ate like a pig! I even drank down a soda so fast! I had gone probably 3-4 days with no soda so I think I earned it!!

I hope everyone had a great race today and finished with a smile!!

disney 036


Jamie said...

Awesome pictures! That is insane that you ran in that type of weather...however it shows dedication! :) That's also awesome how your mom followed you. Nice.

Sara said...

Awesome!! Love all of your pictures. I had a GREAT time in Disney this year, but I was a little slow to stop at all the characters.

Can I just say I LOVE your blog backdrop/theme! It's perfectly Lucky! ;) Love Love Love it! :)