Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So close and 10more things

Jamie and I are so close to meeting out $500 goal we are now at $480! You are still able to order a shirt or make a donation.

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I figured out who I read the 30 before 30 post on too (thanks Cortney for reminding me!)
Ok so yesterday I started my first 10 things out of 30 I want to accomplish before I turn 30 in September. I have been thinking about 10more that I want to add to the list.

1. Finish another Marathon Training Plan with no injuries.
2. Complete the marathon (it is the weekend afterwards so I will be in the new age group then)
3. Continue to go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
4. Drink at least 1-2 nalgene bottles a day.
5. Continue to cross train weekly (zumba, bike, elliptical)
6. Complete at least 2 half marathons
7. Ride my bike 3 times a week from May-September
8. Purchase pepper spray or something else to carry with me on runs I do alone.
9. Drink more smoothies with protein powder. I already have the powder but just stopped using it when I was not running.
10. Make more HEALTHY MEALS that will give me more energy for long runs. Bri will prob not like this because he likes his frozen pizza (I do to), mac and cheese from a box, and very unhealthy pastas.

Here we go

11. Read at least one adult book a month ( I am hooked on Juvenile books..can't help it I am a reading teacher who connects to what her kids read!)
12. Save more money! I want to start putting more money in the savings now that I don't have a car loan to pay.
13. Make double payments at least 3times on my school loans.
14. Complete one crafty thing! I have a few things that I got stuff for but never finished!
15. DATE NIGHT! B and I stink at this. He likes go with the flow and I like to plan. Hoping maybe we can try to set some time aside that isn't in front of the TV eating dinner.
16. Family time. My family is 2hours away and I sometimes use the excuse it is far away. Due to my seizure this fall I went up there less. I want to make there once a month!
17. Get fertilizer on the garden ASAP so I can actually have a garden this summer
18. Get outside more this summer! (refer back to the biking  and garden goal)
19. Organize kitchen cupboards (we have limited space so I pack it all in as best I can)
20. Find new places to run, trails!!

Ok those 10 took awhile,....I may need to take more time to think of 10more!

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Coy Martinez said...

I can totally relate to number 11. I love to read but I have a really, really, really tough time finding time so I wrangled my daughter who is 12 into reading with me. Currently we're on Great Expectations. I love it! I'm like you though, I can read a tons of kids books!