Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning

As I laid in bed and refused to open eyes thinking it better not be 4am again. I relaxed and thought about a few more minutes until my alarm goes off I am sure. Finally I rolled over to pet the cat and just peeked out from under the covers. Uh? It is a little light out already, what time is it? 6:34!! AHHHHHHHHHH I am so late!!! I was supposed to be up almost 40mins ago, what happened to my alarm! Did my phone die? Did I turn it off in my sleep?? Get up Get UP!

Hold on...get ready but dont panic or I will for sure forget something inportant. Still shower, wash hair but do it a little quicker. I always get up way early so I still have time to get around. Get lunch, take meds, eat breakfast at work it will all be ok. Warm up car. Feed animals. Oh Bri is home Kiss him good bye. Drive there without speeding! Ah no breakfast good thing for DD coupons 99 cent bagel! Ok made it! AHH full day of testing here I come. GOTR meeting tonight. No dinner planned. Welcome to Monday!

I am defiantly going to need a run on the TM tonight if I don't fall asleep while eating dinner!

How has your Monday been?


Julia said...

ahhh! hope your monday calms down some!

things i hate about monday: i sleep so soundly all weekend. wake up feeling rested. then last night i sleep restlessly and wake up wondering if its friday yet. haha!

Running Moose said...

Today was a good day for me- not quite as hectic sounding as yours!! I hope you made it to the TM!!!