Monday, January 16, 2012

Motivation for today

I am excited about my fundraising efforts for the National Walk for Epilepsy. We are at $440 so far for our goal of $500! Jamie and I are so excited. We have some other teammates too, like Manda! You can still donate now or purchase a T-shirt and donate to the cause and help spread awareness!

I appreciate everyone's love and support that I have received over the years as I struggled with Epilepsy and I can not wait to spend that time with others who have something in common with me.
Motivation for me today to get my run in as soon as I walk in the door after school!

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QOTD: What was your workout today? Anyone on a training plan at the moment or are you in between plans?


Coy Martinez said...

Hey! Glad you found my blog!!

I'm on a 70.3 training plan right now. I live in a perpetual state of "fingers crossed" :)

Running Moose said...

I love both of those inspirational photos/quotes!! You chose well!! Congrats on being so close to your goal!