Monday, January 2, 2012

Great start to the New Year!

And it has begun!! Yesterday Manda, Dud and I got the first workout of the year in, once again in the rain. They ran while I did 3:3 walk/jog. It was a little slower pace last night then I had earlier in the week. I got in 3.1miles in 30mins. Today Manda, Adam and I headed to the gym at 8am. I got in 6miles on the bike and 40mins of core fitness. I still am wondering around some of the machines when I don’t do the circuit. So I looked like a lost puppy at times. I worked at a fitness center years ago so I know some of the machines but there are new ones that I am trying to get used to.


Now let’s go back a few days. Bri and I went to NY to see my family on Friday. We hit up the bowling alley and had a blast!

Dec. iphone 008Dec. iphone 014

No fair they got to use those things to help aim the ball!

Dec. iphone 011Dec. iphone 021Dec. iphone 023

I am the last score there…yup with bumpers and I still could only get 87. I was beat by my 3yr old nephew who got 99!

We then celebrated Bri’s upcoming Bday and had a Gluten free cake. It wasn’t so great in my opinion but the kids loved it!

Dec. iphone 024

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