Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family time

Saturday was the best spent time so far this month! Bri and I got a slow start to the day as we lounged for a little bit enjoying the morning together. His niece and sister are in town so we took Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready out to his parents and got some baby/toddler time.

photo (4)This is my niece and nephews old bike that I gave her earlier this year. Got to love the helmet and riding in the house!

As we waited for the Marathon to start Ella and I chilled with Minnie and Mickey.

photo (10)

Finally the Marathon was on its way….we had a delay as the satellite was not working for the first few minutes. I was excited to watch both men and women now that I know a few of them now. Thanks to HRG I got a full rundown of their back grounds. I was cheering for Kara and Ryan of course and was happy to see them both make the team. I felt so bad for Rhitz because he closed that gap so much in the last few miles but missed it by 8 seconds. If only the marathon was 26.4 yesterday right?

It was awesome to have the whole family sit around the tv for a few hours focused on what most of us in the room love! Afterwards it was quickly changed to football by the guys.

Manda, Robyn, The baby, Dud and I got bundled up for a run. We started at the house which means we were going to end on the .7 something uphill. It is the first major hill I was going to do since I started running again. I took it easy up the hill but made it all the way (except the little stop at the bottom) back to the house without stopping. I am proud of my 10something pace up the hill because nothing hurt! The baby wasn’t too fond of the run because we forgot to grab a bink when we left. But we still love her! Smile

Today was a laundry day, organizing, and lots of fun errands this Am. I got some good deals and Old Navy, Dicks sporting, and Sams club!! Now I am going to go finish watching my NEW fav NY team ball some ball! The score is 20-10 at the moment (I used to be a HUGE Bills fan growing up when they were good)


QOTD: If you won 10 tickets to the superbowl would you pick family or friends or a mixture to go with you? Would you pick people who like football or would that not matter? Bri and I had this talk today. He would want to take people who knew and liked football only. I would take my friends and family no matter what!

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