Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mega Workout

Yesterday was nuts. I felt in a daze the whole training day. It was an overload of info all lecture style. The guy showed a type of container for the interactive white board and all these cool things but took 2 hours until he showed us how first. So here I am with my laptop in front of me panicking that I miss how to make it. Finally the girl next to me raised her hand and said I hope this isn't a stupid question but did I miss how to make these? Thank Goodness I wasn't alone!

So I wasn't as fried as Monday just confused. I also have to create a flipchart using 2 of the containers we learned. I have one page done so far!

For my workout yesterday I headed to the gym right after school. I got on the bike for 20mins and got in 7.5 miles. I loved the setting I had it on too. It took my HR the whole time and it kept getting harder until I met my 80% for my age then it kept it at that difficulty so I stayed at the 80%. SO for me I had to get my HR to 153 and it took about 5-7mins to get it there but then I was dying for the rest of the time. Heather said I was a sweaty mess when she joined me at 14mins. It was great!

I then lifted for about30-35mins and got in some stretches with Heather before I headed home. I jumped on my TM when I got home and ran for 30mins. I got in 3.3miles there too! SO it was a successful day unlike yesterday where I slept instead.

Today I started the Water challenge from over at Sparkles and Bugs. You have to try to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning (check). Then try to drink throughout the day (I have my bottle with me). So here I go! Hopefully I can get my potty breaks during all the testing today!

QOTD: Do you think you drink enough water during the day??

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