Saturday, January 14, 2012


Workout today: Got up and went to the gym!!! Yea on a Sat. morning so happy about that! I was there about 7:40 got on the bike for 15mins then hit the weights for 40mins. Did legs and abs and it felt great.

It has been a rough week for all runners out there. We have all been reading and and following the story on SUAR about her dear friend and cousin. I was shocked and was stopped in my tracks when it all happened. I live out on a country road and I run from my house all the time. I have to drive 4miles into town to get on town roads or near sidewalks. It is no big deal at all to make that drive if it means that would make me safer. I also own a treadmill so if I want to get a quick run in lately I just hope on that.

In addition to SUAR there have been 3 or so attempts to kidnap students on the way home or to school. There is a picture of the suspect and car out but I have not heard anything beyond that. But I have not been out alone all week and have been watching around our school carefully.

Due to my seizures I have also taken other precautions in case anything happens while out on a run. I purchased a Road ID for my shoe. It has 3 phone numbers, my name, town I live in, and that I have epilepsy. I originally purchased this if I was running on my own and the chance something went wrong. It is nothing new to me that am EMT would need info on me.

For Christmas this year I asked for the skinny wrist ID from Road ID. I am not always wearing my running sneakers and wanted to go a step further to make sure my medical issues were known. I got a bright pink one so that it was visible to an EMT.


I do not plan on running alone for awhile. I have made sure I was with my family for all my recent runs.

My thoughts and prayers are with SUAR and her family today.

QOTD: Do you run alone and what do you do for safety when running alone?


Running Moose said...

I do run alone and at night on the country roads where I live, but being a guy it is safer for me. I do have a Road ID (and lots of reflective gear). The trails, on the other hand, are different. I do run alone on them, but have also had a run in with some wacked out guy cursing and screaming about the police and park rangers (with lots of cursing and following after me). I did take the road on the way back to avoid him. About a month later a man's body was found along the same trails in a tent. I do still run alone, though.

Jamie said...

oh. my. goodness. i am just now reading about it. :(

you know i have a skinny ID bracelet.. and i wear it all the time. mainly because of epilepsy... but you never know!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I run alone, with my phone, pepper spray and my dog. I pay attention to traffic and tell people when to expect me back.

It just seems so much scarier now..

Julia said...

i do run alone a lot and at least carry my cell phone but am realizing that there is so much more i could be doing! i really need to invest in a roadid and pepper spray to name a few things!