Saturday, January 21, 2012


Yesterday i got two workouts in like I have been trying to do for the last few Fridays. I hit up the gym with Manda and Heather before work. I got in 3miles on the bike then about 30-40mins lifting. I go over to the free weights first and do a few things I know but I don't know many. Plus I hate switching out the bars on the machines so if the right bar isn't on I move on. Lazy right?
After a long day at school I was excited to hit the roads for a run in some snow with the family!! We had got just a little over the night and I wanted to try out my new trail shoes I bought 3months ago! We went down to a park that we know they wouldn't clean off the paths. I loved the tracks the shoes left, they have awesome treads! I only slipped once and that was on black ice which is expected. We got in 3miles!

Now back to the long sum it up quick. There was a disagreement and it was left at that. Hours later I was given an apology for being snapped at. They said it always sounds like they snap at me. I said I didn't know if it was me and how I react either and that I was sorry. At my job I have a passion to help as many struggling readers in a hour/day/month/year as I can. Sometimes that passion gets the best of me and I want to help kids that a teachers thinks just need a small group from themselves. We are OK now.

Now I am off to enjoy this awesome cup of hot cocoa that Bri made me and the 3inches of snow we got last night!!

QOTD: Work disagreements.....have you ever got in one? Ever got an apology?

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I hardly ever really fight with anyone (besides hubby) because I hate confrontation. But I think it's worse that I bottle it up!