Sunday, January 29, 2012

Helping others and others helping me

I want to start off and say a huge thank you to my friends and family who have helped me raise money for the National Walk for Epilepsy. Our team has met out goal and past it! If you still want to help our cause you can still visit our team site here.  Thank again I love you all for helping me!

This weekend was all about helping someone. Friday I came home after our family run to get Bri and head over to his Pap’s house. They had been working together for about a week now making a firewood box. This thing is awesome! Bri’s pap is so good with making things. They had no pattern or anything just supplies and an idea.

jan iphone 063Final project…Bri even put Poly on it! I love it!

Saturday the helping continued. Over the past 2 years we have put new hardwood floors in Bri’s parents and out house. Adam’s Gram wanted new floors in her kitchen so we all jumped in to help! I didn’t really use the saw at all when we did the the floors. My dad would be sad to hear that (former draftsman) I just don’t like the unpredictability of it. My sister is the one who took his love for tools and became the tech teacher. Well Manda and I worked together and go the pieces ready and the guys put them down. Eventually Manda had to head to a Baby shower so I had to get comfy quick and start cutting!

jan iphone 054jan iphone 059

That goodness there was no measuring or numbers on my part or it would have been a much longer day. Dud just made a mark on the wood and I  just finished it so I could cut along it. I am proud to say I DID IT!

jan iphone 053jan iphone 061 I forgot a before pic but this shows no cabinets to after we got it all back in there. We started at 9ish and left around 8-8:30pm.

jan iphone 060Can’t forget the food Gram made! She had a crockpot of BBQ, crockpot of ziti, then the big crockpot was wedding soup which was new to Bri and I. Basically I am to learn how to make because Bri more then loved it! He even invited Gram over to make it for him which we all know she would do!

It was a great weekend to help her out!

Oh workouts?? Yes I still got some in! Like mentioned earlier I ran with the family Friday PM. Saturday rest day. Today I got an awesome 3mile run in and it was the fastest run I have had since my injury! I started and ended at the gym so I could lift when I finished . I was on a tight schedule so I only got 40mins in lifting before I had to head to the store. Overall good day!!


Have you helped out anyone lately??How do you give back during the year?


Jamie said...

the floors look awesome!

Sarah said...

The kitchen looks so great!