Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

Well I have read several different resolution blog post and several goals post for 2012 by all of you. I don’t always make a list of things I want to accomplish or change in the new year. But now that I have a place to write it down and check back to see if I have met it I think I will be setting some goals.

A lot of you are saying races you are doing this year. I also want to do some races but my list is small. I raced A LOT last year and I ended up having pain since May and finally was diagnosed with my stress fracture and had a seizure. So I will be backing down on the races but still aiming to do some bigger races.

I would like to complete the May Day 10k and also the Crystal Lake trail 15miler. They have been in the same weekend in the past but I am hoping they are not this year. If so I will only do the 15miler as I love the trail run more than the out and back of the 10k.

I also would like to do at least two half marathons. One being the one we always do the Hellbender in August. We are still looking around for one that is in the spring.

Finally I want to do a fall marathon. I would like to do the Rochester MVP Marathon like I did this last year but I was also thinking of doing something in Philly.

Still a work in progress…let’s get back to running again! Once again they are goals and I will not be upset if they don’t happen. I want to be SMART and SAFE this year and not be sidelined because I wanted to race every race that comes up.


QOTD: Have you ever limited the amount you race to be a safer and smarter runner?


fancy nancy said...

Being smart and safe are perfect goals for anyone!! Happy new year!

Dina @ DinaRuns said...

I usually don't pack my race schedule that much where it is an issue. I can see where racing smarter and not spreading yourself too thin, can lead to smarter racing.

Julia said...

i think these are great goals and kinda where I am at too. racing as much as i could in 2011 left me tired. i am ready to just focus on being healthy in 2012 :) good luck with your goals friend!

Jamie said...

We are coming up to PA to run the half in May!.... you should do that with us... Pittsburgh :)

Oh, and I'm also worried about racing and my seizures... esp since the last one I had was the night after a race. I completely understand!